Lynda & John France Affair

The couple Lynda and John France were absolutely legally married in Italy and their marriage is absolutely recognized legally in the U.S. They are married according Italian law and Italian Authorities can give to everybody complete demonstration of the validity of the wedding showing the original wedding certificate. Please refer to the following official web site of the U.S. government regarding legal marriages here and in the U.S. Marriage of a U.S. Citizen in Italy: Please read the last paragraph which states: If you would like your marriage to be recognized in the U.S., the certificate of marriage should be taken to the Prefettura, Ufficio Legalizzazioni (the same office that authenticates the Consul’s signature) of the city where the marriage is performed, to request the placement of an Apostille on the certificate. This process is not required; not doing so may result in some organizations not accepting the document. This couple received their legal marriage certificate from the local town hall after their wedding. The certificate was taken to the prefettura office in the city where they were married where it was legalized by putting on the required Apostille stamp. Then the certificate was sent to the couple for their records.